zde se nachází úpravy mých prozatím nejdelších videí. vymlouvat se na slabší notebook nebudu. jen řeknu, že mám slabší notebook.
ale i tak za zhlédnutí to stojí, co si budeme.

video #1

a link to the video is enough. probably the longest video I’ve ever edited.

video from a trip with friends to the beautiful nature near mohelno. or correctly to the mohelenská hadcová step (can’t translate the name).

the video itself starts at 1:20, so if you don’t want to wait for the most interesting part, just click on the underlined time.

p.s.: in the future there will be editing of both the recorded background voice and the editing itself. be patient.

video #2
evening – p1

a shorter video from one evening with my already mentioned friend johnny. a nice car ride and a little fun at the skatepark in komárov in brno.

I admit it could have been edited a bit better, but unfortunately my laptop couldn’t handle more. even so, I was afraid I’d blow him up (demo). but when a person does something with real enthusiasm, he devotes that time to it. after all, everything was done by me – both the camera and the editing.

but in my opinion, the video turned out to be beautifully simple, fluid and slightly romantic with easy notes of punk.

further more

nope, either turn the phone back, or use a pc or mobile